SPAC3: update the app with new photos and bring your life among stars!

Have you ever seen how your country looks like from Space? Do you know how astronauts lead their experiments? Discover it on SPAC3!

The app keeps updating thanks to the 12 new amazing photos shot by ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli from the International Space Station during the mission VITA.

Each new picture represents an extraordinary example of life in Space for the international crew on the ISS: what they see, how they train, how they eat, ….

Thanks to SPAC3, crew’s daily life becomes part of our daily life in an original impressive combination of earth and space habits.


SPAC3 is the new way to connect Earth and Space: choose a theme (#land, #food, #water, #health, #climate, #transformation), select a picture, take a photo (or upload it from your album), create your incredibile artwork within the Third Paradise and share your message to the world with the hashtag #SPAC3!

Contribute to create the first Space/Earth art project with Michelangelo Pistoletto and Paolo Nespoli!

The update is available for AppStore and Google Play.